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Buying a property in Turkey

Buying a property in Turkey Buying a home overseas is an important transaction and you should choose your agent carefully. You should be comfortable that you have the support and guidance of a reputable, trustworthy agent who has your best interest at heart.

Recent legislation changes have simplified the process for Foreign Nationals buying a property in Turkey. The majority of properties are Freehold and Foreigners (i.e. non-turkish citizens) can buy property in their own name. There are now only a small number of areas where purchase by a Foreign National is restricted and this is clearly indicated on our property advert.

Foreigners investing more than US$250,000 in a property are now eligible to apply for Turkish Citizenship if they wish to do so.

As with any house purchase you should appoint a solicitor to act on your behalf. He/she should speak your language and be based in the Bodrum area.

Your solicitor will manage all of the legal aspects of your purchase. PPS will work closely with your chosen solicitor to ensure a hassle-free purchase. We will give you a breakdown of the actual buying costs before you purchase but you should allow for the following:

Solicitor Fee: £1,000 + VAT
Agency Fee: 2% + VAT
Purchase tax: 1.5% – 2%
Land Registry fee: TL600
Notarised documents & translations: approx. TL850